Rick Owens

Rick Owens

The Rick Owens x Converse DRKSHDW TURBOWPN Is Back In Beige And Black

Since their partnership began back in 2021, Rick Owens and Converse have bounced back and forth between the same two icons: the Chuck 70 and...

By Michael Le September 26, 2023

Rick Owens And Converse Elevate An Icon With The DRKSHDW DBL DRKSTAR Chuck 70

As avant garde as his fashions may be, Rick Owens is certainly no stranger to the world of sneakers. Alongside producing footwear of his own...

By Michael Le August 29, 2023

Rick Owens Brings “Hot Pink” And “Dust” Looks To The Converse DRKSHDW TURBODRK

Rick Owens and Converse are linking up again on two pairs of the laceless DRKSHDW TURBODRK high-top. Previously, the partnership covered updated versions of the...

By Jovani Hernandez May 11, 2023

RESTOCK: The Rick Owens x Converse TURBOWPN Returns On April 16th

Update April 15th, 2024: The Rick Owens x Converse TURBOWPN is restocking on SNKRS on April 16th, 2024. Easily among one of the most prolific...

By Michael Le January 5, 2023

Rick Owens Brings Zebra Patterns To The Converse x DRKSHDW TURBODRK Chuck 70

Rick Owens and Converse haven’t always had a work relationship, but both institutions have joined forces over the last couple of years to bring the...

By Jovani Hernandez January 5, 2023

Rick Owens DRKSHDW x Converse Collection Restocking On December 8th

Few are as influential as Rick Owens — and regardless of where you land in the circles of fashion hell, it’s likely you’ve heard of...

By Michael Le December 6, 2022

Rick Owens Applies A High-Shine Lacquered Denim To The Converse Chuck 70 TURBODRK

Rick Owens has made a career through his “against the grain” design ethos and personality. For his Converse Chuck 70 TURBODRK collaboration, the American designer...

By Jovani Hernandez July 7, 2022

Rick Owens DRKSHDW And Converse Introduce The TURBOWPN

The punk-rock aesthetic has always been a springboard of inspiration for Rick Owens as he’s experimented with welding his personal aesthetic to the style of...

By Sneaker News April 29, 2022

Rick Owens And Converse Continue The DRKSTAR Chuck 70 With New Options

Rick Owens and Converse brought runway to retail with the transformed TURBODRK collection of Chuck Taylors, redefining the silhouette with overblown toe-caps and bumpers around...

By Sneaker News February 18, 2022