The British Millerain Co Ltd

The British Millerain Co Ltd

Millerain x Converse Jack Purcell

The British Millerain Company sat on the sidelines during the recent explosion in sneaker collaborations, going silent for nearly four years after a couple of...

By Aaron Hope October 13, 2012

Millerain x Puma Stepper “Outdoor Pack”

The British Millerain Company made an impact on the sneakerhead world in late 2008 with a collaborative effort as part of the Terminator resurrection, but...

By Aaron Hope September 9, 2012

Puma Stepper “Outdoor Pack”

Consistently overlooked in recent years as countless Suedes (States) and Clydes have come through in new colorways and themes, Puma looks to another classic cupsole...

By Aaron Hope August 12, 2012