Zellerfeld And Chris Brown Reveals The 3D-Printed NAMI Slide

From teaming up with AMBUSH and Ye to developing the world’s first fully 3D-printed sneaker in 2021, Zellerfeld has presided as the industry leader in...

By Jared Ebanks May 31, 2023

Ye Taps Zellerfeld For The First 3D-Printed YZY Boot

The being formerly known as “Kanye West” has been back in the public eye by way of his appearances during London and Paris Fashion Weeks....

By Jovani Hernandez October 3, 2022

AMBUSH® Turns To Zellerfeld For 3D-Printed 100S Clog That Also Exists In The Metaverse

Taking a break from both its own footwear and swoosh-branded collaborations, AMBUSH® has recently turned to Zellerfeld for the 100S, a 3D-printed clog that boasts...

By Jovani Hernandez June 17, 2022

Heron Preston And Zellerfeld Launch The HERON01, The World’s First Fully 3D-Printed Shoe Available To The Public

Heron Preston is different. Whether its bootlegging Givenchy’s “Rottweiler” t-shirt or reimagining workwear for New York’s Department of Sanitation, the San Fransisco-native has historically explored...

By Jovani Hernandez October 5, 2021