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Evolution of the Nike Air Max 90 “Infrared”

December 10, 2012 BY / 12

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What started in 1990 has spawned a magnificent lineage of ‘Infrared’ – the widely-celebrated original colorway of Tinker Hatfield’s Nike Air Max 90. In this amazing ‘retrospective’ that spotlights the evolution of this amazing classic, from the variations of the build, to the first time the colorway was officially dubbed ‘Infrared’. With this historic colorway + shoe combo being brought out in 2012 in ‘Hyperfuse’ form, it certainly brings to light the long journey traveled by this iconic shoe, so check out the video put together by afew below and stay tuned for a year-end release of the Air Max 90 Infrared VNTG.

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more like the evolution of FAIL!!


 @EyeMrSway  *Kanye Voice* Hold up, hold up, hold up. Now I'm gonna let you finish but the air max 90 infrared was one of greatest sneakers 


 @thebeaner  @EyeMrSway i too was wondering what the hell are you talking about this is one of the greatest sneakers of all time ALL TIME-kanye voice


 @84    @JulianScott  @thebeaner  @EyeMrSway how would a fresh pair look cheap oppose to a shoe thats NEW thats designed to look old why spend more money on a vintage look when u can get the fresh pair for the same and let them vintage on your own. and im not talking about quality as every body seems to complain about when i said 2010 was dead on i ment the colors and sizes the air unit was the same not bigger infrared color was true as it was going to get and the 1990 pair is the orginal... so u pick those and the over priced ripped jeans treatment verison overr the og and the clean 2010 remake? and how can u say its the most off looking of the "other ogs" theres only 1 og the way u talkin making it seem like u dont got any of the shoes and just fronting


 @DesmondDiggaDezDavis  @JulianScott  @thebeaner  @EyeMrSway The 2010 dead on with the og 1990's? Don't think so, when i saw them the first time in 2010 at the nike store i thought they looked fake.

It was the first time they switched the plastic eyelets with cheap ass rubber ones. The mesh is all off is much finer, the originals were much more rougher. The nubuck was much cheaper and had a different color tone.

The 2010's are the most off looking compared to the others og's.

I should know since i own em all, they forgot to put the engineered mesh versions in the video that will be coming out next year.

The air max 90 infrared is my favorite sneaker of all time.

And i like the 1990's versions the most, after that give me the vintage 2012's, love the yellowed sole. It has a nostalgic value to them, if you get them all brand new it looks like a cheap replica.

The 2003 versions are also very good since they had a bigger air unit.


 @JulianScott  @thebeaner  @EyeMrSway is anyone a fan of the vintage look? i like the concept but i rather my shoe age on its own u know like the 2010 is dead on with the og pair and i feel like the vintage look is kinda cheating? 

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