Nike KD 6 “Liger”

November 6th, 2013 by | 15 comments

nike kd 6 liger 5 Nike KD 6 Liger

Fans of the cult-classic Napoleon Dynamite may instantly recognize the “Liger” term, but we’re certain this upcoming Nike KD 6 release is completely independent from the famed fictional hybrid beast. It certainly shares the same concept as this spicy KD 6 release combines the signature markings of the lion and tiger, employing a unique gradient format with the tiger stripes at the toe and eventually transforming into another beast as it approaches the heel. A release date isn’t anywhere near just yet, as these are currently anticipated for a Spring 2014 release, so check out the close-up shots below and stay tuned to Sneaker News for updated release info.


kd 6 liger 1 Nike KD 6 Liger

kd 6 liger 2 Nike KD 6 Liger

nike kd 6 liger 3 Nike KD 6 Liger

nike kd 6 liger 2 Nike KD 6 Liger

kd 6 liger 3 Nike KD 6 Liger

nike kd 6 liger 1 Nike KD 6 Liger

nike kd 6 liger 4 Nike KD 6 Liger

nike kd 6 liger Nike KD 6 Liger

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liger could also be a translation for leopard+tiger, not saying that is the actual definition just saying that could be the reasoning behind the confusion of lion and leopard 


It's not the design I don't care for, it's the disgusting cheap materials involved. I saw those PB joints at Champs and couldn't believe Nike said it was okay to produce junk like that for one of the best players in the game.

Creepy Pervert 2013
Creepy Pervert 2013

These look dope. btw Ligers are not fictional they're real and they exist. Google it or Wiki it.

Brads Pitt
Brads Pitt

Nice finish for the KD VI line..


dont you mean tiger into leopard


@219toChi there's a reason they look so trashy to you...You were shopping at champs :D LMAO

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