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St. Alfred x New Balance 1500 – Teaser

December 1, 2013 BY / 13

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Earlier today, St. Alfred revealed its next sneaker collaboration – the New Balance 1500. While a release date hasn’t been set yet, we do get some ample hints; the upper appears to be a rich red suede, while the midsole is clean white above a gum outsole. The shoes appear to come packaged in a pouch as well. Not much else is known, but we can bank on the folks at St. Alfred coming correct with their concept, which already looks enticing! Stay tuned to Sneaker News for more updates on the St. Alfred x New Balance 1500 and we’ll relay that information to you as soon as it arrives.

Source: stalfred

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Both companies are located in America, how fucking stupid are you?


Your a dumb shit.... talk shit before knowing what you're talking about

Stick to retros and sb. Smh



Hey dumb shit

1500 are made in Asian factories and England (flmby) factory

1500s are NOT made in America.

When collaborating with a 1500 or 577 model American shops have no choice but to use Asian made. Now if am American shop collabs with a 1300 or 998 Several other models...they can use American made factory (maine factory)


@Ralphjones380  dude he has a point... ive noticed that with all american and non european collabs eg bodega hyprcat/burn rubber joe louis/ronnie fieg cords 577s and nice kicks 1500s, (effectively models that are usually made in flimby) are made in vietnam and their quality is shit... where as the us models like 998 and 1300 are usa made when with us collaborators... and us models collaborated with non-us entities like sneaker freaker 998s are asian made... and seriously judging by the shapes of the burn rubber/bodega 577s, and even the nice kicks 1500, the quality is shit and u wouldnt want them when comparing them to the flimby made models... so if u wanna cuss me out for sharing information as to why the first poster on this page is hating on asian made collabs, be my guest :D


No... I know what I'm talking about and I just proved you have no idea what you're talking about.


So the RF 1500s aren't made in America, odd they say it on the tongue... Just get more info before you spout off at the mouth with some dumb shit.


1500s are not made in America anymore... why Don't you understand that... 1500 are made in england (flimby) and china..... dumb ass kid... read something once in a while


@Ralphjones380 1. note the smiley face at the end of my first comment. it was meant to be tongue in cheek. get it? i would also bet ANYTHING that those are china/vietnam made. 2. vietnam/china made newbies suffer greatly from a lack of proper construction, and its standard throughout all models. the fabrication in terms of materials, color blocking may be superb, but overall construction is just shit when compared to usa + uk made models. 3. yes location matters in new balance's case when it comes to quality. pick up a pair of asian made 998s and compare em to the usa made 998s OR asian made 1500s to uk made 1500s OR asian made 577s to uk made 577s. BIG DIFFERENCE. i personally dont doubt the fact the materials are most probably the same but its the way it is put together. lastly, thank you for the comment on me being an idiot/retard. really rings true given im educated and am going somewhere in my life.

and if u want to shut me up, please show me where ronnie fieg did a 1500. PLEASE. IM PLEADING WITH YOU.


@sole_serious @NithinHaresh yup on those models u mentioned... yeah burn rubber did customs on the us made 574s with a detroit tigers them dedicated to mig's trip crown season.


Public schooling has failed this country greatly, I feel so bad for all these peoples parents....


1 you're an idiot for assuming I would cuss you out. I only said that to the other retard because he was trying to say these 1500 were Asian made. 2. How can you tell the quality just from 2 pics, stop trying to compare. 3. All you kids honestly think where they are made affects the quality?! It's the same company providing the same materials. That's like the dumbasses who thought that Nike's China Feng Tay factory had all the premium materials and only the shoes that came from the Feng Tay factory were real leather. Stop being so gullible, they are ALL the same materials. Maybe different hands making them but it's ALL THE SAME.


@NithinHaresh I agree with you whole heartily. The U.S. boutique for the most part uses asian variants or asian models all together. Only a few in the past 2 years (including Ronnie Fieg's red and green pairs of Kith's 574, also his ripoff of the Norse Projects with the 1300, Ubiq ripped off cw from J. Crew with a 574, Buck and Ball's camo 574 and Concepts/Tannery pairs of 998.) Oh I think Burn Rubber had a pair of 574 didn't they with a MLB theme. And J. Crew always have exclusive cw's of U.S. models. Weww...catch my breath. But yeah, other than that, Stateside boutiques need to show the U.S factories some love.

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