NIKEiD Basketball “Gumbo League” Options

February 10th, 2014 by | 16 comments

nikeid gumbo league sneakers NIKEiD Basketball Gumbo League Options

NIKEiD just revamped a whole host of models, including the LeBron 11, KD 6, and Kobe 8, to feature their “Gumbo League” options. The set can now be customized with different prints on the same sneaker-meaning you can match chroma with graffiti on your LeBrons or precision with harmony on your KDs. What’s more, each of the sneakers feature a lining that sports the same stained-glass looking imagery from the 2014 “Gumbo League” All-Star collection from Nike Basketball. Continue reading for some quick examples and then go build your own pair at NIKEiD. Also, let us know in the comments if you’re planning to purchase a pair.

Source: NIKEiD

nikeid gumbo league sneakers 03 570x338 NIKEiD Basketball Gumbo League Options

nike basketball gumbo league nikeid options 03 570x402 NIKEiD Basketball Gumbo League Options

nike basketball gumbo league nikeid options 02 570x356 NIKEiD Basketball Gumbo League Options

nike basketball gumbo league nikeid options 01 570x354 NIKEiD Basketball Gumbo League Options

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ID prints should be prints thats not used on any of the original cws. And they should have every color as an option for every part of the shoe to truly do it they way you want to. Its worth paying the money to have a shoe no one else in the world has.


I do not understand the whole ID concept.  Personally seeing those kicks I would think they are fake, why pay almost $100 more for non go color ways and wait 6 weeks?


nike has all you hypebeast by the balls lmao i love it. all u hypebeast keep ruining the game. some yall was taking day off from school for this lmao, what a joke this game has become


No Kobe 9s. Forget it. 


whats not to understand about someone wanting to tweak a shoe how they want it? Its pretty straight forward... and if u think that real stuff looks fake; then thats on u lmfao


@Tigerblood423 i feel u...i just like how you can put ur name or initials on it, that's prolly the dopest aspect


I know the difference between real and fake, just why not spend $300 on a classic color even if it is at resale price that released then something that would look hideous and no value in years


@Tigerblood423   id gives you the chance to make something unique you like, you should get a shoe because you like the shoe not because of what goes along with it


@Tigerblood423  Not everybody cares about og cw's and resale value. ID allows you to create something unique to your style. That being said, all of the hype around these all star features are a joke

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