LeBron 11 iD

LeBron 11 iD

NIKEiD “Fireworks” Options for LeBron 11, KD 7, and Kobe 9

NIKEiD is bringing out the fireworks for the most important of Nike Basketball sneakers. As of now, you can grab the LeBron 11, KD 7,...

By Brendan Dunne July 11, 2014

NIKEiD Basketball “Gumbo League” Options

NIKEiD just revamped a whole host of models, including the LeBron 11, KD 6, and Kobe 8, to feature their “Gumbo League” options. The set...

By Brendan Dunne February 10, 2014

NIKEiD LeBron 11 – Graffiti Option

Are you planning to pick up a pair of the LeBron 11 “Graffiti” tomorrow? If so you might actually want to hold back and reconsider,...

By Brendan Dunne January 24, 2014

Eleven Nike LeBron 11 PEs You Can Build on NIKEiD

The LeBron 11 is a sneaker that’s been going at a pretty steady pace as far as retail releases are concerned. Since its debut we’ve...

By John Kim January 23, 2014

Spotlight on NIKEiD LeBron 11 Creations

Have you created your own LeBron 11 on NIKEiD just yet? Plenty of people out there have, and they’ve thankfully taken to Instagram to show...

By Brendan Dunne December 10, 2013

NIKEiD LeBron 11 “Forging Iron” Option – Available

You can now create your own “Forging Iron” LeBron 11 over on NIKEiD. The interesting thing here is the price tag-the customizable version will cost...

By Brendan Dunne November 7, 2013

NIKEiD Designs a “World Champion” LeBron 11

If 2011 was all about LeBron’s decision to go to Miami, then 2012 was his redemption year. Vilified for his teaming up with Dwyane Wade...

By Patrick Johnson November 2, 2013

NIKEiD Designs an “2-Time MVP” LeBron 11

You didn’t think that NIKEiD was only going to create one “MVP” style LeBron 11 pair, did you? How could they stop there when the...

By Brendan Dunne October 31, 2013

NIKEiD Designs an “MVP” LeBron 11

The NBA Most Valuable Player award is one that LeBron’s been hogging ever since 2009-the only player to have broken up his streak being Derrick...

By Brendan Dunne October 30, 2013