Nike 1Vote NYC – Recount!

Nike 1Vote NYC - Recount!

Like any battle of the century, deciding a winner always comes down to the wire. It seems polls as of late are always riddled with controversy, the Nike AF1 1Vote is no exception. From the start of the polls opening at 1Vote locations in NYC the two top contenders made their presence known. There seem to be two distinctly different schools of thought represented clearly here: the old school, and the new school. The shoes these schools have attached themselves to could not be anymore different. One of them clearly the King of the Court, an AF1 high with a simple colorway, classic silhouette, highest quality leather and  basic design. The other a Masterpiece in Artistic Design with a legendary collaboration at the helm; a low topped – ice soled – leather mid-soled – fabric clad – inside outted –  hyperstriked concoction of exclusivity.

From the moment the Stash x Futura AF1 Low Hyperstrike was announced the winner sneaker aficionados around the world began chiming in to sneaker forums with their opinions. Just as many people who disagree with the opinion are in full support of it. But wait! What’s this? As if in direct responce to these very posts, Nike has announced a recount! Is this a presidential election? Will an AF1 be flying the Air Force 1? Is this hysteria for real? This is no dream, as there is just as much drama in this voting arena to see what sneaker reigns sole supreme in NYC as there is in the highest levels of political office. With just a few hundred votes separating the two at the closing moments of polling, NYC anxiously awaits the official decision.

With such a dramatic end to an Olympian battle of the Forces, one cannot help but imagine what would happen in the event of a draw! Maybe, just maybe NYC will prove to be the best place on earth for sneaker culture, and with such die hard AF1 enthusiasts, be rewarded with the re-release of not one, but two legendary AF1’s. Who can know such things? Certainly not SneakerNews, but it is nice to hope as both of these sneakers are surely timeless greats. May the best AF1 win!

More photos below…

Nike 1Vote NYC - Recount!

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