Twitter Conversations: Could LeBron Eventually Outsell Jordan?

Twitter Conversations: Could LeBron Eventually Outsell Jordan?

Twitter Conversation October 22 2014

Legit question here: could Nike LeBron eventually outsell the massively successful Jordan line? Right now, there really is no contest, but Mark Parker’s “never say never” attitude could very well have LeBron’s sneakers increase its selling power down the line. There’s a long ways to go, with MJ producing his own brand from the signature line, but there are plenty of reasons to believe that LeBrons have the potential to rival Jordan sales numbers.

Today’s installment of Twitter Conversations dives right into this topic of LeBron possibly outdueling MJ in sales, and while most believe that this may not happen, some of our Twitter followers laid out some great points as to why King James could be a force to reckon with years from now. Check out some of these statements below and stay tuned to Sneaker News for next week’s Twitter Conversations, and make sure you follow us on Twitter.

Could LeBron eventually outsell Jordan? There are two interesting points here. One says that the younger LeBron fanbase from the current generation will be able to afford Retro LeBrons when they can afford to, much like how the predominant Jordan Retro consumer buys re-issues at a high rate. The other side believes that even Jordans right now are popular than LeBrons, so even if the sales of LeBron Retros stay at the same pace, it will never catch up.

Many agree that there is a lot of potential for the LeBron Retro. With consumers already going nuts over LeBrons, a Retro down the line should receive the same reception. In addition, his legacy is strong, with NBA Titles, MVPs, and other key “events” making for quite the energetic approach to new Retro colorways. We’ll be waiting…

The current generation of LeBron fans will make up the primary core consumer when LeBron retires and his older shoes come out of the woodworks. But even then, some believe that LeBrons of years past don’t conjure up that nostalgia much like a pair of leather or suede Jordans do. Do you think there is appeal in older LeBrons?

Finally, some visual responses. One believes that LeBron deserves this success in terms of sneaker sales with this infamous “It’s About Damn Time” phrase, which he proudly voiced after winning his first NBA title. Another opinion conjures the legendary Bill Lumbergh with a gentle disagreement.

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