Nike Air Flight ’89 iD “Yeezy 2”

For many, NikeiD makes it possible to conjure up colorways that are otherwise too difficult to secure in the model they initially inhabit. It’s really quite genius when you think about the implications of substitution. For instance, there is an extremely small community of sneaker enthusiasts with a pair of Nike Air Yeezy 2’s (even slimmer when you think about those with more than one pair). So to mimic those colorways over another shoe is quite vindicating, especially the Yeezy’s and the Solar Red scheme of the shoe is arguably the best. Similarly, Kanye not only made his shoe popular during his tenure with Nike, he worked his influence on several others, including the Nike Air Flight ’89. Today we see that very same shoe fused with the colorway initiated by his signature model. While this make-up may not be anything new, or something you couldn’t do on Nike’s creative iD platform right now, it’s still cool to look at. See for yourself after the break.

Source: hienchamp

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