How To Buy The Air Jordan 11 “Jubilee” Online: A Guide To Scoring Ws On 2020’s Biggest Release

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The wait is nearly over, folks. 2020’s biggest release, by a combination of volume, interest, and timing, is ready to launch as the Air Jordan 11 “Jubilee” is prepared to release globally on December 12th, 2020. While we have kept you update don where to buy the shoes in our Jordan 11 Jubilee Store List, we’ve decided to focus our attention on specific retailers and provide some advice to increase your chances of purchasing the shoes at retail. As we all know, buying sneakers online is no easy task; it requires patience on top of a full breadth of knowledge and preparation – and even then you won’t be able to elude the dreaded L. But there’s still hope, so read below to find out how you can score a W on 2020’s biggest sneaker release. And if you’re already looking ahead, catch up on the rest of the Jordan Release Dates for 2020 and early 2021.

First things first, a checklist to prepare:
– Settle down at your desk by 9:20am ET. You’ll need the extra time in case you need to restart your computer, charge up your phone, or deal any other last minute issues.
– By 9:40am ET some retailers will have started their digital queues, some begin as early as 9:20am ET.
– Make sure you are following Kicksfinder on Twitter for by the minute updates on digital queues.
– Make sure to create accounts with whatever retailers you plan on shopping with. If they have an address book under your personal information, put in your shipping and billing addresses in advance.
– Open the Notes or a similar desktop app and have all your payment information typed out and ready to be copied and pasted. Address, credit card numbers, CVC numbers, etc.
– If you plan on paying with PayPal, make sure you’re signed in.
– Check our Jordan 11 Jubilee Store List page for a full rundown of which retailers are releasing them online.

Ready? Good. Now, we’ll provide a general overview of all the major retailers so you are best prepared for the release.

We recommend using your desktop for best results, but also keep the Nike SNKRS app open on your phone. Make sure all your information is updated by 9:40am ET. Have the release page open (here), and don’t refresh too much before 10am ET; there’s a possibility that Nike’s internal system will view constant refreshing as a bot and may ban you.

Dick’s Sporting Goods
Dick’s has become one of our favorite retailers for Jordan Retro releases as their queue has been, by comparison, the easiest to deal with. Still, be at your desk by 9:40 am ET in case the digital queue opens early. The release page (here) will automatically update at 10am ET when the product becomes available. For now, follow Kicksfinder on Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates on their release.

JD Sports US
JD Sports US is another favorite retailer of ours based on success rate. This queue will be a bit longer than the queue at Dick’s. In general, their queue opens up at 9:45-9:50am ET so be prepared early and access the release page here. Still, the best chance is to get on the queue and to keep an eye on Kicksfinder on Twitter for the latest.

Finishline is owned by JD Sports US so the same rules, laid out above, apply here. Queue up as early as you can on the release page here. Head back to Jordan 11 Jubilee Store List for all direct links to purchase.

Snipes US
While we do not have direct experience checking out with Snipes, many of our readers have gotten Ws at this retailer. However, they are smaller in comparison to the retailers above, which means they have smaller inventory. There are occasions you will get through the queue even if they are out of stock. The queue here opens as early as 9:00am ET; the direct link is here.

Nordstrom releases their product online on a first come, first served basis. Act quick, as their hot releases tend to sell out in minutes. You can see all the direct store links on our Jordan 11 Jubilee Store List page.

YCMC is expected to release on a first come, first served basis as well. Make sure all your payment information is ready on a Notes app. You can see all the direct store links on our Jordan 11 Jubilee Store List page.

Foot Locker Inc.
The Foot Locker Inc. queues can be disappointing as there network of retailers (Foot Locker, Eastbay and Footaction) are often botted. We recommend this set as a last resort, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get through. Their release queue generally opens around 9:45/9:50am ET so follow Kicksfinder on Twitter for by the minute updates on their releases. You can see all the direct store links on our Jordan 11 Jubilee Store List page.

Stadium Goods
If you miss out on any of the retail drops, sneaker marketplaces are the obviously next option. We recommend Stadium Goods as they ship directly due to having stock ready, so you’ll have your authentic shoes shipped to you in a timely fashion. Stadium Goods has the Jubilee 11s available here.

eBay is recommended option for purchasing the Jubilee 11s after the retail drop. Now with their Authenticity Guarantee, shoes sold on eBay are authenticated by a verified third party. eBay also has no seller fees for sneakers. You can purchase the Jubilee 11s on eBay here.

For Women’s, Kids and European retailers, check our Jordan 11 Jubilee Store List page for a full rundown of which retailers are releasing them online.

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