Diadora S.8000

Diadora S.8000

BAIT Brings The Transformers To Four Diadora Runners

The standards for shoe collaborations continue to elevate as those who work directly with the brand are continuously tasked to redefine what these cooperative releases...

By Sneaker News September 5, 2017

BAIT and Diadora’s Next Collaboration Features “Where’s Wally”

BAIT and Dreamworks have been steadily releasing collaborative efforts featuring some of your favorite animated movie characters over the past year thanks to an ongoing...

By Patrick Johnson July 5, 2016

Diadora Presents The Espresso Americano Collection For Independence Day

Italian footwear connoisseurs Diadora have seen the height of their popularity stateside thanks to an unparalleled attention to detail and quality craftsmanship on a number...

By Patrick Johnson June 28, 2016

BAIT And Diadora Create A Kung Fu Panda 3 Sneaker

BAIT is back at it with yet another sneaker infused with a furry bear-inspired movie character. After the massively successful Ted D collaboration, the West...

By John Kim January 25, 2016