District Customs

District Customs

Nike LeBron 11 “Great Hall” by District Customs

Game of Thrones currently sits atop the um… throne of drama television right now (take this Nike LeBron 11 custom as proof of its reign since we’ve...

By John Kim June 4, 2014

Nike LeBron 10 “What the 60s” by District Customs

On the couple of mashup looking LeBron shoes that have been created the colorways are purely self-referential. Imagining a version that pulls its inspiration from...

By Brendan Dunne January 6, 2014

Nike LeBron 9 Elite “2 Times Champ” by District Customs

If LeBron’s first season down in South Beach had led him and the Heat to the promised land, it is entirely possible that we would...

By Brendan Dunne November 30, 2013

Air Jordan IV “Keith Haring” by District Customs

Keith Haring’s iconic graphics have been officially used on quite a number of sneakers thanks Reebok’s continuous tributes to the man. Unofficially linking the man...

By Brendan Dunne September 5, 2013

Air Jordan 1 “Kyushu” by District Customs

We’ve seen the Air Jordan 1 go graphic on its upper before, but never to this extent. The pair pictured is a creation of District...

By Brendan Dunne September 3, 2013

Nike LeBron 9 “Death Proof” Pack by District Customs

If Nike can package together LeBron sneakers, why shouldn’t custom creators do the same? That’s the route taken here by District Customs, who whipped up...

By Brendan Dunne August 5, 2013