Jeremy Guthrie

Jeremy Guthrie

Jeremy Guthrie Retires From the Sneaker Game With Awesome Press Conference

Jeremy Guthrie was a true and through sneakerhead throughout his illustrious MLB career. But now that’s all coming to a close – the sneaker collecting...

By Patrick Johnson February 24, 2015

An MLB Pitcher To Wear Custom Nike Foamposite Cleats On The Mound

The baseball diamond is a sports platform that you won’t usually find sneaker heat (we’ll leave that to the NBA), but occasionally, we’ll get an...

By John Kim April 25, 2014

Nike Zoom Revis – Jeremy Guthrie PE

As far as we can tell the Nike Zoom Revis won’t be getting anymore retail releases. You’ll remember that there was a brief glimmer of...

By Brendan Dunne March 4, 2014