Joakim Noah

Joakim Noah

adidas Signs Joakim Noah

adidas Basketball is proud to announce today their acquisition of Joakim Noah. The man was a bit of an oddball case in the NBA in...

By Brendan Dunne October 8, 2013

Le Coq Sportif Joakim Noah 3.0 “All-Star”

Joakim Noah is quite unique amongst NBA players, so it’s only fitting that he remains the only player signed to Le Coq Sportif.  The classic...

By Aaron Hope February 18, 2013

Le Coq Sportif Joakim Noah 3.0 ‘Le Rêve Olympique’

Le Coq Sportif has but one NBA athlete, but they couldn’t have picked a better player to represent the brand than Chicago Bulls energizer rabbit...

By Aaron Hope April 15, 2012

Le Coq Sportif Joakim Noah Pro Model 2.0 – ‘St. Patrick’s Day’

  French brand Le Coq Sportif is best known for their racquet sport shoes and apparel and the inevitable sportswear spinoffs, but one of the...

By Aaron Hope March 9, 2011