Jordan Jeter Cut

Jordan Jeter Cut

Derek Jeter x Jordan Brand – DJ3K Collection

Since taking the field in 1996, Derek Jeter’s career has been filled with spectacular moments, hinting at an apparent greatness that reflects the proud pedigree...

By John Kim July 7, 2011

Jordan Jeter Cut – Upcoming Colorways

If achieving the mythical 3000 hit milestone is like running a career-long marathon, Derek Jeter is sitting just a single lap around the track from...

By Aaron Hope May 28, 2011

Jordan Jeter Cut – Black – White

Derek Jeter is just 38 hits from reaching the legendary 3,000-hit milestone, a career achievement that will be a nice cherry on top of what...

By John Kim May 12, 2011

Jordan Jeter Cut – White – Pitch Black – Metallic Silver

  Long before CC Sabathia signed a contract as big as his on-mound presence, Derek Jeter was Jordan Brand’s main man in New York.  The...

By Aaron Hope March 17, 2011