K-Swiss SI-18 International

K-Swiss SI-18 International

Stadium Goods’ STADIUM Streetwear Label Revives The K-Swiss Si-18 International

In addition to expanding its physical presence across the U.S., Stadium Goods has recently founded STADIUM, a streetwear component of its business. To continue expanding...

By Jovani Hernandez July 9, 2022

K-Swiss Continues its “Majors” Pack With Wimbledon-Inspired Release

K-Swiss has made noise this year thanks to enlisting relevant celebs like Diplo to help push their latest and greatest. That doesn’t mean that the...

By Patrick Johnson July 18, 2015

K-Swiss Unveils “Majors Pack” Inspired By Grand Slam Tennis Events

K-Swiss prepares for the summer tennis season with the “Majors” pack, celebrating the famous Grand Slam circuit with two retro classics. The collection contains the...

By John Kim June 20, 2015

K-Swiss SI-18 International Returns

In the midst of a brand overhaul aimed to update their roster of archival silhouettes, K-Swiss brings back one of their most revered models, the...

By Darren Griffin December 14, 2014