New Balance WRPD Runner

The New Balance WRPD Runner is one of the newer models out of New Balance, first unveiled to the public in 2023 at Paris Fashion Week. AURALEE earned the honor of debuting the silhouette, the navy & green editions previewed in that showcase finally landing in April ’24. Combining a traditional mesh/suede upper with a fittingly “warped,” curvy sole, the model represents NB’s intentions to continue pushing their signature look into the future rather than solely relying on retro styles. As a result, in 2024 NB introduced the Warped Runner in a full complement of colorways to kick off its first full year on shelves. That’s sure to continue as the year plays out, with additional collaborators probable to bring their talents to the WRPD Runner as well.

Below you can find our latest coverage of the New Balance Warped Runner, including colorways, official photos and release info.

New Balance WRPD Runner

“Snakeskin” Drapes The Loudest New Balance WRPD Runner Yet

As we’re still relatively early into the life of the New Balance WRPD Runner, it’s safe to say that we haven’t seen the full suite...

By Matt Varga June 7, 2024

New Balance WRPD Runner “Grey Days” Drops On May 17th

It’s become almost an industry-wide trend: minting brand holidays in order to spotlight new product. Most will be familiar with Nike’s Air Max Day, but...

By Matt Varga May 7, 2024

Here’s A Preview Of New Balance “Grey Day” 2024 Releases

Updated April 29th, 2024: atmos founder Hirofumi Kojima took to Instagram to share new photos related to New Balance Grey Day 2024. On his @koji198139...

By Matt Varga April 26, 2024

AURALEE Continues New Balance Partnership With The WRPD Runner

The New Balance WRPD Runner has emerged since last Fall as one of the Boston brand’s true spotlight models, unveiling over a dozen general release...

By Matt Varga April 11, 2024

New Balance WRPD Runner “Clay Ash” Settles On April 12th

The push for the New Balance WRPD Runner continues. It’s received as many new colorways in the past month as arguably any of their other...

By Matt Varga April 5, 2024

“Lightning” Strikes The New Balance WRPD Runner

Each successive look for the New Balance WRPD Runner allows us to hone in more and more on how New Balance views one of their...

By Matt Varga March 28, 2024

“Dusted Grape” Settles On The New Balance WRPD Runner

New Balance reported record earnings last year, largely due to the brand’s foothold at the intersection of retro and futuristic sneaker aesthetics. While the resurgence...

By Andrew Rizzo March 26, 2024

“Electric Yellow” Marks A Radiant New Balance WRPD Runner

The New Balance WRPD Runner continues to roll out new looks as it approaches 7 months as a general release NB model. So far, those...

By Matt Varga March 17, 2024

New Balance’s Retro-Futuristic WRPD Runner Chills Out In Icy Blue

New Balance may be pumping on all cylinders, but there are a few that have sputtered from the starting line. That would be the WRPD...

By Sneaker News March 14, 2024