Nike Hyperdunk McFly

Nike Hyperdunk McFly

Are These The Best Summer Sneakers of the Last Decade?

Summer isn’t always the busiest season in terms of sneakers, as the February All-Star rush and the Holiday craziness usually outshine it in terms of...

By Brendan Dunne July 16, 2014

Outliving The Hype: Defining Moments of the Nike Hyperdunk Series

The Nike Hyperdunk series has amassed a decorated history since it was first unveiled in 2008. It’s touched the feet of almost every significant Nike...

By John Kim July 15, 2014

Nike “Back To The Future” Auctions on eBay

Real Back to the Future fans know that the Nike Mag 2011 was far from the first time that the Swoosh whipped up a sneaker...

By Brendan Dunne July 19, 2013

Nike McFly Family Portraits

Admit it: One of your guilty pleasures is to sift through pages and pages of blogs that compile some of the funniest pieces of text...

By John Kim October 28, 2011