Nike LeBron 18 Low

The Nike LeBron 18 Low is the low-top version of the LeBron 18 signature shoe. It features a light TPU upper, unlike the LeBron 18 which uses a BattleKnit 2.0 upper. The Air Max cushioning is the same on both models. The LeBron 18 Low is known for some exciting colorways such as the “LeBronold Palmer” and “Greedy”, while collaborations with Japanese retailer atmos also created some hype. The base MSRP of the LeBron 18 Low is $160.

Nike LeBron 18 Low

Mimi Plange Continues To Bridge Cultures With Two Exclusive Nike LeBron 18 Lows

Back in 2021, Mimi Plange — a Ghana-born, US-raised designer who founded her brand in 2010 alongside Ibrahim Ndoye — joined forces with Nike for...

By Michael Le September 14, 2022

The Nike LeBron 18 Low “Floral” Appears For Adults

Although LeBron James has already previewed the 19th installment of his signature sneaker series, “the kid from Akron” still has pairs of his Nike LeBron...

By Jovani Hernandez August 20, 2021

Stewie Griffin Returns On The Nike LeBron 18 Low

Alongside a fruitful career in basketball, LeBron James boasts one of the most notable sneaker legacies in NBA history. Offerings such as the Nike LeBron...

By Jasmine Tang July 21, 2021

Nike’s Space Jam: A New Legacy Collection Releases Tomorrow

Space Jam: A New Legacy is literally days away, and though some may not like LeBron in the leading role, the film’s debut is surely...

By Michael Le July 15, 2021

This Kids-Exclusive Nike LeBron 18 Low Is Covered in Florals

The Nike LeBron 18 Low isn’t just good for nods to Space Jam, LeBron James latest creative endeavor. And though these creations may headline for...

By Michael Le July 4, 2021

Lola Bunny Gets Her Own Nike LeBron 18 Low

Unveiled in playful takes commemorating everyone from Wile. E Coyote to Tweety, the Nike LeBron 18 Low has most recently emerged in an ensemble inspired...

By Jovani Hernandez July 1, 2021

Wile E. Coyote And Roadrunner Continue The Chase On The Nike LeBron 18 Low

Next up in the Space Jam: A New Legacy x Nike LeBron collection is yet another colorway dedicated to the storied rivalries of the Looney...

By Sneaker News July 1, 2021

Bugs Bunny And Marvin The Martian Face Off On This Nike LeBron 18 Low

Rivalries new and old face off in Space Jam: A New Legacy, the sequel to one of the most prolific basketball films to date. And...

By Michael Le July 1, 2021

Sylvester And Tweety Battle It Out On The Nike LeBron 18 Low

As LeBron James and his NIKE, Inc. family prepares for the official premiere of “Space Jam: A New Legacy” on July 16th, the parties have...

By Jovani Hernandez July 1, 2021