Nike Lunar MacLeay

Nike Lunar MacLeay

Sneaker News NINE@NINE: Celebrating the Nike ACG Legacy

This week, Nike unveiled their big plans for the relaunch of their ACG (All Conditions Gear) imprint, and while the new designs are clearly moving...

By Aaron Kr. December 17, 2014

Nike Sportswear November 2013 Preview

Even though we’re still a few hours away from the month of October, we’re sure you won’t mind looking all the way ahead to November...

By Brendan Dunne September 30, 2013

Inside Nike Sportswear Designer Nate Van Hook’s Sketchbook

It’s clear that some of the most creative and visionary minds of footwear and apparel design are centralized in Beaverton, OR. One such individual is...

By John Kim April 9, 2012