Nike Vis Zoom Hyperflight Hologram

Nike Vis Zoom Hyperflight Hologram

Air Jordan 13 “Hologram” – Release Reminder

The Air Jordan 13 “Hologram” releases tomorrow, October 25th, 2014. Not an official reference to Mike’s time in Birmingham like the Air Jordan 1 and...

By Patrick Johnson October 24, 2014

Nike Hyperflight Max “Hologram” – Available Early on eBay

If all goes according to plan, the Nike Hyperflight Max “Hologram” shown here should be in stores next Friday. The shoes up the bar set...

By Brendan Dunne June 20, 2013

Nike Hyperflight Max “Hologram” – Release Date

The Nike Hyperflight Max “Hologram” will release on June 28th. The exact model name here is a little bit of a confusing one, as there’s...

By Brendan Dunne June 5, 2013

“Hologram” Nike Vis Zoom Hyperflight

There’s more visually engaging Hyperflight releases on the horizon, as following the Superhero collection, we’ve seen two upcoming releases unveiled this week. One makes its...

By Aaron Hope May 16, 2013

Nike Vis Zoom Hyperflight “Hologram”

That Nike Zoom Hyperflight sample with that full length bag on bottom just got a lot more interesting. We present to you the Nike Vis...

By Brendan Dunne May 15, 2013

Nike Zoom Hyperflight 360 Samples

We figure the re-issue of the Nike Zoom Hyperflight would re-open some doors to some of the notable releases from the early-2000s Alpha Project series,...

By John Kim May 1, 2013