Saucony 3D GRID Hurricane

Saucony 3D GRID Hurricane

Claima and Saucony Honor New Orleans On The 3D GRID Hurricane “NOLA”

Claima, or “Claim A Seat At The Table,” is a Portland-based creative agency on a mission to empower the visions of black and brown creatives...

By Andrew Rizzo March 7, 2024

Sage Saucony Grid Shadow 2 Lead The “Chromatic Pack”

While some of their most notable pack releases have come by way of collaboration, nothing’s ever stopped Saucony from bringing that same energy to in-house...

By Matt Varga February 16, 2024

The Claima x Saucony 3D Grid Hurricane “Claim A Seat” Is Much More Than A Sneaker

Short for “Claim A Seat At The Table,” Claima Stories shares the journeys of emerging creatives and entrepreneurs of color. Helmed by co-founder Bimma Williams...

By Michael Le September 21, 2023

Bodega To Launch A Saucony 3D Grid Hurricane Collaboration On January 21

UPDATE Jan. 18, 2023: Bodega recently published a blog post in which it shared the idea behind its forty-second sneaker (!!!) with Saucony: nine different...

By Jovani Hernandez January 16, 2023

Maybe Tomorrow’s Two-Part Saucony Collaboration Makes Its Way To Boutiques

One of Mark Nguyen’s many ventures, LA-based lifestyle label Maybe Tomorrow mainly specializes in accessories, producing graphic-adorned trucker hats as well as beanies clipped with...

By Michael Le December 29, 2022

Maybe Tomorrow And Saucony To Drop “Tortoise” And “Hare” Collaborations At ComplexCon

While better-known for its Justin Timberlake-approved beanies, Maybe Tomorrow has broken into the world of sneakers with the help of its friends at Saucony. New...

By Jovani Hernandez November 3, 2022

The Saucony 3D G.R.I.D. Hurricane From 1996 Is Coming Back

In the 1990s, footwear cushioning was an all-out arms race in the sneaker industry with competing brands introducing their own unique proprietary innovations in a...

By Sneaker News June 15, 2022