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Jordan Melo M9 – Spring 2013 Preview

September 26, 2012 BY / 18

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jordan melo m9 2013 Jordan Melo M9   Spring 2013 Preview

Expectations are at an all-time high for Carmelo Anthony, who at 28 years old is nearing the peak of his professional career and feeling the mounting pressure from his fellow ’03 Draft classmates. Momentum is definitely on Melo’s side; his MVP-like performance at the 2012 Olympics and unstoppable play at the end of the ’12 season should most certainly carry over to the upcoming campaign, with some experts projecting the Brooklyn-born star having the best season of his career. He’ll ease into the new season wearing the Melo M8 Advance, which features a full Hyperfuse upper, but come 2013, he’ll will be ready to move on up to the all-new M9 model, crafted once again by Jordan Brand designer Justin Taylor.

Using the all-new Dynamic Fit Flywire system, the Jordan Melo M9 can adapt to any fit making it a true 1-through-5 performance basketball sneaker while complying with Melo’s strict guidelines for a snugly-fitting shoe – a direct inspiration from the high-tech suit of Iron Man. The highlight of the design is clearly the external Flywire ribbon-like cables that extend outwards above the shell, but what you can’t see is that it actually scoops below the foot-bed, creating a true unique fit tailored to how tightly you adjust your laces. Visible Zoom Air is the benchmark of the cushion system of the M9, with a downwardly-protruding  fore-foot Zoom Air unit providing a supportive crash pad when the foot strikes the ground.

What makes the Melo M9 a unique standout from its predecessors is that it was designed with that ‘New York’ State of mind – meaning it was the first shoe that was conceived with Carmelo as an official Knick. The NBA Lockout allowed him some extra time to hang around the Jordan Brand headquarters and trade ideas with Taylor, and the intricate designs cues laid out by Melo are clear in the design; the aforementioned ‘Iron Man’ inspiration and Melo’s love for high-end watches have been transferred impeccably onto the Melo M9 concept, resulting in a high-octane package of style and performance fitting of the Jordan Brand standard. The Jordan Melo M9 will debut this January 2013, so enjoy the preview of Melo’s ninth signature model below and give us your thoughts on this latest chapter of the Jordan Brand x Carmelo Anthony connection.

jordan melo m9 spring 2013 debut Jordan Melo M9   Spring 2013 Preview

jordan melo m9 spring 2013 preview 1 Jordan Melo M9   Spring 2013 Preview

jordan melo m9 spring 2013 preview 2 Jordan Melo M9   Spring 2013 Preview

jordan melo m9 spring 2013 preview 3 Jordan Melo M9   Spring 2013 Preview

jordan melo m9 spring 2013 preview 6 Jordan Melo M9   Spring 2013 Preview

jordan melo m9 spring 2013 preview 7 Jordan Melo M9   Spring 2013 Preview

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another ugly release .


So what Melos are dropping with the LOD Colorway?


all but the silver pair are a must cop.  but, if the silver pair is limited then they are a must cop too.


good thing i didnt go out there and get those m8 advance... though the 9s werent going to come out



Why the all have white bottoms, sometimes it makes the shoe look cheap


Why all have to come with white bottoms sometimes it makes shoes look cheap


@Big_Infinite no Menlo shoe is a limited quantity u dumb ass... and change ur pic TO URSELF


@Big_Infinite again, u avoid the dam question.... so obviously that's not u yo... u could of made dis all go away, but u insist on being a fake ass pussy bitch.... so u will b fucked wit frum now on... u don't wanna get fucked wit, either admit who u are or jus don't comment anymore... ur choice faker


@Big_Infinite are u retard or jus slow... the picture u had up previously, tell me when & where dat pic was taken... and as u can see frum my new pic, u can see I have big infinite tatted on my arm.... so tell me when & where dat 1st pic u had up is frum... and if ur next comment isnt da answer, then everybody on here will kno ur frontin... its a simple question dat should have a simple answer & u continue to avoid da question... so here's ur last chance to prove who u are


@Big_Infinite like I said, all u have to do is tell me when & where dat pic dat u took down was taken to prove yoself & I'm off u... so I'll b waitin til u do dat


 @Da_Real_Big_Infinite  @Big_Infinite i took it down cause you're whining about it like a bitch.  change your name and take down the pic of someone elses foams and we're even.  btw, i've given more likes than you have.  you're a selfish identity thief.


@Big_Infinite quit sayin its a pic of u cuz its not & we both kno dat for a fact... and if u want me to put a pic ofmy receipt fa not jus 1 but 2 pair of galaxy foams then let me kno... I got shit to back up my swag & hustle, do u???... and last time I checked I have over 100 comments pts to ur lil 8 pts. So obviously I have had da name a lot longer then u. I even have a tattoo to prove who da REAL Big Infinite is homie... jus be yoself.. no need to front on anybody... and da only reason why u took da pic down is cuz fa 1, ITS NOT U & ur gettin tired of me comment in everythin u put up on SN... So be yoself yo

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