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5. Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Stussy’

This spot could be occupied by any number of Nike SB Dunk Low releases from the previous decade, the ‘Flash’ from 2002 and the ‘Vamp’ from 2003 to name a few. But the pair manages to one-up that kind of competition in my mind though thanks to the Stussy connection. 2005 was obviously a huge year for SB Dunks in general and I definitely can’t fault anyone for putting the ‘Tiffany’ above this pair, but to me the longer standing historical significance of Stussy and their kinda conservative approach to the collab realm put these on top. Right up there with the DQM ‘Bacon’ Air Max 90 as far as all time food-inspired Nike releases.

Photo: kid_sneakerness on Sneakerpedia

4. Nike Air Max 90 ‘Tongue N Cheek’

Dizzee Rascal’s first album came out the summer before my freshman year of high school and I was sort of obsessed with his output for many years after that. Everything about Boy in da Corner was so abrasive and weird and hard to decipher, plus the fact that he was only 18 when it released gave him this sort of Nas like aura to me. I took road trips multiple times across several states to see him, had a fanboy heart attack when he linked up with Def Jux (which unfortunately only led to them putting out the US printing of Maths & English if I recall correctly), and still regard his music as pretty important to my youth. But anyways…the sneakers. We all know Ben Drury knows what to do with an Air Max silhouette, and these had that cool gloomy London feel to them-a feel that was totally flipped when the flash is on thanks to the crazy 3M hits. Between the Dizzee connection and the masterfully executed colorway I had to have these, but as we all know that wasn’t exactly an easy task at their 2009 release. Also pretty high up in terms of grail status for me are the related Dirtee Stank editions of the Nike Air 180 and Nike Air Force 1 Low.

Photo: Kish Kash on Sneakerpedia

3. Dave White x Nike Air Max 1 ‘Neon’

For me the Dave White x Nike Air Max 1 ‘Neon’ is right up there with the various creations from atmos, Stash, and the like in terms of all time great Nike Air Max collabs. Generally I’m not super keen on the idea of porting over colorways as I think it’s just that much more impressive wen you can make a new palette speak for itself and establish its own lane but these things are just too hard to deny. It’s the sort of thing you spend hours on Nike iD trying to replicate that never quite looks right. Obviously Dave White had way more than Nike iD can offer at his disposal and came up with a couple of Nike Air Max 95 ‘Neon’ inspired bangers for Size?, this pair being at the top of the heap in my opinion. What makes these even more desirable is how rare it is that they ever pop up, let alone in a size even close to mine.

Photo: Mayhem on Sneakerpedia

2. Nike SB Dunk High ‘MF Doom’

This pair occupies a similar space as the ‘Tongue N Cheek’ Nike Air Max 90s as far as being a sneaker collab whipped up with a rapper that I grew up on. As soon as I discovered Doom everything just spiraled into this weird little quest of tracking down his various releases and connecting the dots between his personas. I bought multiple copies of the Special Herbs box set, both the 2004 and 2007 versions of Mm.. Food, but was never man enough to plop down the cash for the original Fondle Em pressing of Operation Doomsday. In that same vein the Nike SB Dunk High ‘MF Doom’ was always right out of my range, I missed the boat as they released when I was saving up my money for post-high school travels and the price hasn’t come down since. This is one of those releases that is just oozing with details, from the classic DOOM tag up top to the special tongue label and dubrae.

Photo: Jay BKRW Smith on Sneakerpedia

1. atmos x Nike Air Max 1 B ‘Viotech’

For as long as I’ve been familiar with terms like “quickstrike” and “Tier Zero”, this has been that sneaker I’ve spent the most time lusting after. As a money-less teen it was always the go to pair that I’d pull up when flipping through sites like Flight Club and dreaming up shopping sprees. The Nike Air Max 1 B effect always made them seem particularly special what with the flossy gold of the forefoot and heel-area Swoosh embroidery. As previously alluded to, I’m not the guy who is too comfortable getting down with re-sell prices but if ever a sneaker will make me do it, this is the pair. One of these days.

Photo: kid_sneakerness on Sneakerpedia

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baby gerald
baby gerald

I had two pair of those Mac Attacks back in the day and have been longing for them ever since.  The Challenge Court reissues (precursor to the Mac Attack), those diappointing Manors, and the on-again-off-again support of a McEnroe product line, offer hope that one day these will eventually come back. When they do, I'll need to grab a half dozen pair.  Can't foot the $1700 for the mint pair on eBay.  


Surprising they haven't reissued the Flight highs yet.  Those babies are seriously in need of a retro reissue, too.   


i never popped my air bubbles lol. i love those tech challenges tho

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