Kanye West x adidas Product to be Sold at Karmaloop

December 5th, 2013 by | 9 comments

kanye west adidas karmaloop 2 Kanye West x adidas Product to be Sold at Karmaloop

According to Karmaloop founder and CEO Greg Selkoe, the Kanye West x adidas line will be available at that online mecca of streetwear and sneakers. This little detail gives us a hint that the Kanye West x adidas project will be distributed much more liberally than his previous works with the likes of Nike and Louis Vuitton. And that certainly lines up with West’s purported goal of bringing premium product to the masses at a reasonable price. Let us know if you’re looking forward to the easy acquisition of the Kanye West x adidas line come its 2014 launch and stay tuned for updates from Sneaker News.

kanye west adidas karmaloop 11 Kanye West x adidas Product to be Sold at Karmaloop
Source: Greg Selkoe

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If anyone is tied into YouTube and all of the haul videos and rep views there for KL you don't need a step by step lesson on why they chose KarmaLoop.  Somehow it feels awkward to me but I think that comes from the limitation and exclusivity game Nike dictated with the Yeezy's which hyped the shoe much more than anyone might have thought possible. I do hope it turns out to be a learning lesson for Nike. They could use a doze of humble soup.


Kanye wants his shit mass produced cuz hes tryna get that paper. Making it limited will only have a greater publicity and advertising value on the company while making less actual profit. 


HAHAHAHA Kanye wants to be high fashion yet his shit is goin on KL, haha dumbass.

Kev Loco
Kev Loco

@Founding Father Kazbah is for like underground labels. And if it goes on sale even more people will buy. If you don't like something just say it


@Ralphjones380 he doesnt want to be highfashion, he's been talking bout it so often lately. The prices of products signed with his name has never been priced by him, if it was up to him he would make everything more affordable that's why he signed with adidas to have control over production and prices, to make it for the people


@Ralphjones380 You expect him to wake up and become LV overnight on his own? working with a company as large as Adidas on your resume will certainly enable you to achieve higher accomplishments in the fashion world..

Founding Father
Founding Father

@JayKroon @Ralphjones380 According to his recent radio rants, he controls everything pop culture. Just because adidas gave him a deal does not mean anything. If he goes into the situation with the attitude he been displaying it will be short lived just like Nike. He has had numerous labels and why are they not around anymore?


@Founding Father @JayKroon @Ralphjones380 Ace Comment Found Father. Kanye is very similar to that Pro Athlete you're not sure you should sign but you're so desperate you do it anyway. Will it come back to bite Adidas and were/are they desperate or doing what any business would when seeing a potential investment opportunity? I think we'll find out soon because Kanye usually doesn't waste time being disruptive.

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