Sneaker News NINE@NINE: Behind The Scenes At The LeBron 12 Launch

Sneaker News NINE@NINE: Behind The Scenes At The LeBron 12 Launch

Sneaker News 9 At 9 Lebron 12 Launch

Last week’s headlines were dominated by the LeBron 12 launch event that was held at the Nike World Headquarters. Sneaker News was present during the momentous occasion and brought you first-hand updates on our Twitter and Instagram while providing you all the release info, photos, and more on the shoe. Of course, there were more captured moments from the two event that took place last week, so for the latest Sneaker News NINE@NINE, we’re bringing you some additional details that you might’ve missed.

Here, we’ll take you through the launch event again, pointing out some interesting facts on the production of the LeBron 12, the unveiling, and everything in-between. We’ve got some insight on the first time LeBron saw the shoe months ago, his favorite colorway, and much more, so check out the feature below and let us know which fact interests you the most, and we’ll be sure to bring you more on the LeBron 12 as we near the release. Click below to continue, and stay tuned for the next NINE@NINE piece coming next week.

Nike Lebron 12 Launch Behind The Scenes 1

NBA TV’s Kristen Ledlow hosted the event from start to finish, with special guests from the NBA, ESPN Sport Science, and the Nike Sports Research Lab joining the fray. Above, Matt Nurse of the NSRL gives his insight on how its findings can contribute to footwear production.

Nike Lebron 12 Launch Behind The Scenes 2

Finally, the LeBron 12 is unveiled. While the shoes elevate on the platform, LeBron James walks out basks in the presence of his new signature shoes.

Nike Lebron 12 Launch Behind The Scenes 3

Ledlow asks which of the seven LeBron 12 colorways is his favorite. LBJ gives a PC answer: “All of them.”

Nike Lebron 12 Launch Behind The Scenes 4

Along with the LeBron 12 footwear, we got a look at some matching apparel that is set to release throughout the Holiday 2014 season. Here’s a look at a snapback cap that features the same MegaFuse material from the shoe on the bill.

Nike Lebron 12 Launch Behind The Scenes 5

The “Dunk Force” colorway is responsible for the concept behind marrying LeBron’s stats and NSRL findings with the shoe colorways. LeBron’s arm speed during his dunk is faster than a helicopter’s blades, while the force exceeds that of a heavyweight boxer’s punch.

Nike Lebron 12 Launch Behind The Scenes 6

The white box pictured above is the original container that Nike used when presenting the LeBron 12 to LeBron James for the first time. Designer Jason Petrie put on some hazmat gloves and lifted the shoes out of the box, with dry ice flowing freely to create the laboratory atmosphere.

Nike Lebron 12 Launch Behind The Scenes 7

The above “blackout” is a wear-test sample of the LeBron 12. No all-black colorway has been confirmed for a release, but we know the above composition would be well-received.

Nike Lebron 12 Launch Behind The Scenes 8

Producing the lead colorways of the LeBron 12 was a team effort. Above, Kevin Dodson, Senior Product Line Manager, gives his insight on the entire process.

Nike Lebron 12 Launch Behind The Scenes 9

Each release of the LeBron 12 boasts a unique colorway, concept, and materials. The Hyperposite panels all feature unique textures, whether it be a matte finish or a color-fade one like in the “Hummingbird” pair at the forefront.

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