The adidas AE1 “3 Stripes Select” PE Appears In A Jawdropping Colorway

One of the best AE1s so far helps Ant roll into the playoffs in style.

The adidas AE1 “3 Stripes Select” PE Appears In A Jawdropping Colorway

Though the public is most familiar with adidas basketball with regards to sneakers, the German giant’s efforts in that realm extend far beyond footwear. Three Stripes Select Basketball is their premier youth basketball circuit, bringing together elite youth talent with an eye on taking their game further. With signature adidas athletes making appearances on a very regular basis, it shouldn’t be a shock that Anthony Edwards’ name is associated, nor that we’re getting some spectacular footwear right alongside.

The rollout for this edition was strategic- with Ant’s on-court look coinciding with a social media reveal via @3ssbcircuit. Given how the silhouette has relied mostly on monochromatic and two-tone looks, the comprehensive colorful change-up is in itself noteworthy. The layout is interstellar, stretching airy pastels in a nebula-like arrangment. The colorway is just as dazzling, drenching the shoe primarily in pastel pink with tie dye hits of soft green and blue appearing throughout. It’s elicited strong reactions from sneakerheads of all ages, but the heavy utilization of blue and pink no doubt speaks to a youthful energy, fitting given the backstory at play.

Despite the public clamor around this shoe, all indications point to these remaining true player exclusives, both for AE himself and for 3SSB athletes. You can get a closer look at the special edition footwear below, and head to our Anthony Edwards shoes landing page for info on some publicly available pairs.

Staying with the Three Stripes, a second batch of adidas KoRn shoes is set to arrive in May.

Additional images via @timberwolves.

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