adidas Trimm Trab

adidas Trimm Trab

adidas Originals Trimm Trab – Size? Exclusives

The adidas Originals Trimm Trab is a sneaker whose history is mixed up in the world of Casual culture and football hooliganism out in the...

By Brendan Dunne December 17, 2013

adidas Originals Trimm Trab – Argentina Blue – Legend Ink

Thanks to the timeless beauty of its lowtop design, so long as you start with good materials and carefully chosen colors, making a great adidas...

By Aaron Hope October 30, 2013

adidas Originals Trimm Trab – Ink – Gold

We haven’t seen any new pairs since the Size? exclusives that dropped alongside the Trimm Star this July, so we’re happy to welcome a new...

By Aaron Hope October 1, 2013

adidas Originals Trimm-Trab + Trimm Star – Size? Exclusives | Available

Earlier this week, scooped you on a couple of Size? exclusives that add even more variety to their well executed adi’s Archive series....

By Aaron Hope July 28, 2013

adidas Originals Trimm-Trab + Trimm Star – Size? Exclusives

The adidas Originals Trimm-Trab was launched as an off-pitch soccer shoe back in 1975.  The Trimm Trab became popular with European football fans and Originals...

By Aaron Hope July 25, 2013

adidas Originals Archive Pack

adidas Originals has some OGs in the oven with one pack combining eight heritage models and their classic colorways.  The adidas Originals Archive Pack is...

By Aaron Hope February 14, 2013

adidas Originals Trimm Trab

Pictured above is a Three Stripes classic whose unique name makes them memorable even when recent pairs have been few and far between.  Hopefully these...

By Aaron Hope February 6, 2013