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Who designed the Air Jordan 1?
The Air Jordan 1 was designed by Peter Moore.
How much does the Air Jordan 1 cost?
The Air Jordan 1 High Costs $170 USD; the Air Jordan 1 Mid Costs $115 USD; and the Air Jordan 1 Low costs $90 USD. Collaborations and special editions, however, will be valued at a higher MSRP.
How do Air Jordan 1s fit?
The Air Jordan 1 is considered to be true-to-size, so take the size you typically wear. It is highly recommended that you try on a pair in-store before making a decision, however, as everyone's feet are a little different.
Where can I buy Air Jordan 1s?
Air Jordan 1s can be purchased on Nike, Dicks, Finish Line, and many others. But if you want limited releases, your best bet is Stadium Goods which offers pairs at after-market prices.
Are Air Jordan 1s made by Nike?
Yes — Jordan Brand and Nike are two sides to the same coin. The Jordan line-up, which first started with the Air Jordan 1 and is now soon to kick off the Air Jordan 35, was created for Michael Jordan himself.
Why are Jordan 1s so expensive?
The Air Jordan 1 High along with its collaborative and special edition variants charge upwards of $170 MSRP due most in part to their construction. The Air Jordan 1 is made entirely of leather panels, with some utilzing more technical synthetic fabrications, nylon, patent leather, and much more. Certain offerings are also expensive because of their ties to influential names like Dior, Travis Scott, Off-White, and many others.
What are the cheapest Air Jordan 1s?
The cheapest way to pick up a pair of Jordan 1s is via the Mid and Low, both of which always have pairs for sale at select retailers and Some options will be discounted at the end of the season if there's still a surplus of stock.
What's the difference between the Air Jordan 1 Mid and High
The Air Jordan 1 High is typically more limited than the Air Jordan 1 Mid. As such, the latter can often be had regularly throughout the year, while the former, by comparison, is difficult to obtain outside of their release date.