Air Jordan VI ‘Golden Moments’

Air Jordan VI ‘Golden Moments’

Air Jordan “Golden Moments Pack” – Foot Locker Release Info

2012 has seen a good number of shifts in the way big releases are handled, most notably from Nike themselves at the advent of the...

By Brendan Dunne August 15, 2012

Air Jordan “Golden Moments” Pack – Official Images

When viewed from a certain perspective, there’s not a single player on the current Team USA roster more instrumental to that roster’s collective successes than...

By Aaron Hope August 7, 2012

Air Jordan VI “Golden Moments” – Available Early on eBay

The Air Jordan VI has in recent memory been one of the more frequently customized sneakers in the Air Jordan legacy lineup, with the white/varsity...

By Brendan Dunne June 11, 2012

“Golden Moments” Air Jordan VI

What’s your favorite “Golden Moment” of Michael Jordan’s career? Don’t limit yourself to just the Olympics (because he only played once as an NBA pro...

By John Kim June 6, 2012

Air Jordan VI “Golden Moments”

Have you had the feeling recently that it’s been too long since you got the opportunity to pick up a fresh pair of icy sole...

By John Kim June 5, 2012

Air Jordan VI ‘Gold Medal’

We’ve been showing you detailed images of the Air Jordan VI ‘Gold Medal’, aka the ‘Golden Moments’, over the last couple of weeks, but the...

By John Kim May 17, 2012