Classics Revisited: Nike Collaborations

Classics Revisited: Nike Collaborations

Classics Revisited: Supreme x Nike SB Delta Force 3/4 (2004)

NIKE COLLABORATIONS WEEK Finishing off this week’s Classics Revisited focus on big-ticket collaborations is one between Nike Skateboarding and Supreme, dating back to 2004. While...

By John Kim August 24, 2012

Classics Revisited: Foot Patrol x Nike Air Stab (2005)

NIKE COLLABORATIONS WEEK A little history on the shoe before we get on to the collaboration: the Nike Air Stability (or Stab, for short), was...

By John Kim August 23, 2012

Classics Revisited: ESPO x Nike Air Force II (2004)

NIKE COLLABORATIONS WEEK Yesterday, we touched on the first ‘Artist Series’ that Nike embarked upon in 2003, but our attention now shifts to the second...

By John Kim August 22, 2012

Classics Revisited: Stussy x Nike Air Huarache (2000)

NIKE COLLABORATIONS WEEK Ladies and gentlemen – the first official sneaker collaboration of the 2000s. We can’t pass Nike Collaborations Week without giving props to...

By John Kim August 21, 2012

Classics Revisited: Stash x Nike Air Classic BW (2003)

NIKE COLLABORATIONS WEEK So we’ve covered a ton of major sneaker collaborations within all the categories we’ve touched on for Classics Revisited, but there are...

By John Kim August 20, 2012