Ewing Eclipse

Ewing Eclipse

Ewing Athletics Unveils Its Black History Month Collection

Ewing Athletics’ January collection is designed with Black History Month in mind, featuring three silhouettes – the Ewing 33 Hi, the Eclipse, and the Concept....

By Ben Felderstein January 18, 2018

The First Retro of Patrick Ewing’s Dream Team Shoe Is Available Now

In celebration of the upcoming summer Olympics, Ewing Athletics has chosen to drop Patrick Ewing’s original Dream Team ’92 sneaker for the first time ever....

By Zack Schlemmer July 22, 2016

Ewing Athletics Retros Patrick Ewing’s 1992 Dream Team Sneakers With Special Event

The retro collection from Ewing Athletics for July features the first-ever return of Patrick Ewing’s sneakers worn during the 1992 Olympics, the Ewing Eclipse. Although...

By Zack Schlemmer July 13, 2016

Ewing Athletics Is Re-releasing Patrick’s Dream Team Shoes

The Olympics are always a nostalgic time as we’re reminded of the ’92 Games and the Dream Team – the greatest assembly of basketball players...

By John Kim July 1, 2016