New Balance 550

The New Balance 550 is a lifestyle sneaker from New Balance
designed by legendary sneaker architect and “The Godfather of dad shoes,” Steven Smith. Rooted in basketball-ready
design, the silhouette was reintroduced in 2020 by the Teddy Santis-led Aimé Leon Dore (ALD). It has since been established as one of
New Balance’s best-selling lifestyle shoes on the market.

Check out some frequently asked questions about the New Balance 550 below, followed by the latest news, “Where to Buy”
guides, and features.

When did the New Balance 550 debut?

The New Balance 550 originally released in 1989 under a “P550 Basketball Oxford” model name. The low-top basketball shoe featured premium smooth and perforated leather uppers, breathable mesh interior lining and a rubber sole unit. At the time, the New Balance 550 was not very popular as it could not compete with the technology-forward basketball shoes of the time, such as the Reebok Pumps, Nike Air, Air Jordan, etc.

When did the New Balance 550 return?
The New Balance 550 made its celebrated return in Fall 2020 as a collaboration with Aimé Leon Dore. The shoes instantly became one of the most coveted sneakers of the year, which led to a full assortment of 550 collaborations with the NYC-based brand.
How much is the New Balance 550?

As of Spring 2024, pricing for the New Balance 550 is as follows:

  • • Men’s $110-130
  • • Women’s: $110-130
  • • Big Kids: $95
  • • Little Kids: $80-$85
  • • Toddler: $70
What are the most popular New Balance 550?
The most popular 550 colorways tend to be the classic white-on-tone colorways. White or off-white leathers, paired with a secondary accent color seem to go with every outfit.
Where can I buy the New Balance 550?

The 550 is available for purchase on in full family sizes.

Why is the New Balance 550 so popular?

The New Balance 550 became the “it” shoe among sneaker heads and fashionistas when it first returned in Fall 2020. In 2021, the 550 became one of the most coveted silhouettes on the market, and by 2022, New Balance had increased production of the model as part of its seasonal product offerings.

The 550 gained popularity for a number of reasons; it was something entirely “new” to the market as it hadn’t released since its original run in 1989. It also gave sneaker-heads something other than the typical Air Force 1 and Dunk to get interested, which Nike had over-saturated the market with.

What are the best New Balance 550 collaborations?
The collaborations with Aime Leon Dore are still considered to be the king of the 550 collaborations, but other projects with Joe Freshgoods, Rich Paul, BEAMS and Comme des Garcons commanded plenty of attention.
Will the New Balance release in 2024?


The New Balance 550 will be among the more available models from New Balance. Several colorways are available right now on

New Balance 550

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