Nike Air Zoom Type

Nike Air Zoom Type

Nike’s Smiley Swoosh Returns On The Zoom Type “The Great Unity”

In recent years, Nike has been embracing inclusivity more than ever by taking stands in social issues and embracing athletes that embody diversity in sports....

By Jasmine Tang July 11, 2021

The Women’s Nike Zoom Type Takes On A Colorful Futurist Look

With its stacked sole design and Air puck, the Nike Air Zoom Type assumes a rather bold, futuristic look. An upcoming women’s pair manages to...

By Jasmine Tang June 28, 2021

The Nike Zoom Type Crater Outfitted With Recycled Foam Material

When it comes to the Nike Zoom Type, the most defining feature of the edgy silhouette is probably the stacked sole design. From speckled stylings...

By Jasmine Tang June 23, 2021

The Nike Air Zoom Type Gets The “Happy Pineapple” Upgrade

With the likes of the “Hike Nike” man and the “Have a Nike Day” smiley face, Nike has a handful of playful, cartoon characters that...

By Jasmine Tang May 21, 2021

The Nike Air Zoom Type Accessories In Playful Beads And More

In design, this women’s Nike Air Zoom Type may be one of the most confused. While its structural form is futuristic, its graphical elements are...

By Michael Le May 1, 2021

This Nike Zoom Type Includes Technical Drawing Instructions

As seen on releases such as the Nike Air Max 1 “Sketch To Shelf” pack, the Swoosh has a handful of arrangements that takes the...

By Jasmine Tang April 1, 2021

An Attractive “Guava Ice” Covers This Nike Zoom Type

Away from the heritage-driven Air Force 1 and Air Max propositions, NIKE, Inc. has spent a considerable amount of time and energy on the modern,...

By Jovani Hernandez March 4, 2021

A Nike Air Zoom Type Has Emerged With Varying Removable Heel Covers

The Nike Air Zoom Type was unveiled in May 2020 and has since enjoyed a relatively low-profile life. Scattered throughout its release roster, however, has...

By Jovani Hernandez February 16, 2021

Nike Adds A Gray And Orange Zoom Type SE To The 3M Capsule

Nike and 3M have been teaming up to deliver a collection of models such as the Air Force 1 and Air Max 95 dressed in...

By Jasmine Tang December 13, 2020