The Nike ISPA Mindbody Fades To Black

As one of the brand’s most polarizing installments underneath the ISPA banner, the Nike Mindbody retains the unconventional aesthetics synonymous with the Beaverton brand’s experimental...

By Jared Ebanks November 11, 2023

The Nike ISPA Universal “Natural And Earth” Comes Coated Exclusively In Brown

The latest iteration from the experimental ISPA design house was released this past Spring in an effort to democratize design through accessibility. Exploring a modular...

By Jared Ebanks October 6, 2023

Nike ISPA Covers The Mindbody In A Suminagashi Reminiscent Print

Nike ISPA is known to deal in the unconventional. And though they’ve designed no shortage of unique sneakers, we’re still somewhat taken aback by the...

By Michael Le September 11, 2023

The Nike ISPA MindBody Borrows The Print Of A Koi Fish

Following a short hiatus throughout the start of the summer, Nike’s Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt collection returns for the tail end of the season by...

By Jared Ebanks July 10, 2023

Light Cream Concentrates On The Nike ISPA Mindbody

Introduced to the sneaker landscape in February, the Nike ISPA Mindbody boasts a myriad of experimental idiosyncrasies. From its complete lack of glue and lofted...

By Jared Ebanks May 17, 2023

Nike ISPA Covers The Mindbody In A “White/Black” Color Scheme

The eye-catching Nike ISPA Mindbody is back with another color scheme to continue building out its release roster. Abandoning the haphazardly-patterned looks of the past,...

By Jovani Hernandez May 17, 2023

The Nike ISPA Universal Returns In All-Grey

The Nike ISPA Universal hasn’t cracked into the mainstream zeitgeist just yet, but it has all the potential to do so. Recently, the slip-on design...

By Jovani Hernandez March 20, 2023

Nike ISPA’s Mindbody Continues Its Standout Approach With Volt

Nike ISPA’s mission to provide ultra-versatile footwear has produced some of the most provoking footwear designs in recent brand memory. Paired with high MSRPs, ISPA...

By Sneaker News February 5, 2023

Volt Accents Liven This “Sesame” Coated Nike ISPA Sense Flyknit

Incorporating over a decade of design language, the Nike ISPA Sense Flyknit is the Swooshes’ latest emboldened statement under their banner of sustainability. Further blending...

By Jared Ebanks January 23, 2023