Nike Zoom Hyper Rev

Nike Zoom Hyper Rev

Nike Hyperrev 2015 PEs for Paul George

The Nike Hyperrev line will evolve next year with this new build, which shortens the shoe quite a bit. The pairs you’re looking at are...

By Brendan Dunne July 25, 2014

Nike Zoom Hyperrev #BETRUE

The 2014 Nike #BETRUE collection extends beyond that small set of sneakers and apparel that already made their way to retail. Also included in the...

By Brendan Dunne June 19, 2014

Danny Green’s Autographed Nike NBA Finals PEs Are Up For Sale

The 2014 NBA Finals are just two games in and you can already find Danny Green’s sneakers for the series up for sale online? Were...

By Brendan Dunne June 9, 2014

Nike Hyperrev Kyrie Irving PE Collection

There are two Nike Hyper Rev PE pairs headed to retail for this month. The sneakers of course come from the range of Kyrie Irving,...

By Brendan Dunne May 6, 2014

A Detailed Look at Kyrie Irving’s Nike Hyperrev “All-Star” PE

Kyrie Irving’s second year as an NBA All-Star was a special one, as the youngster sort of shouldered the comeback that the East made and...

By Brendan Dunne February 24, 2014

Andre Iguodala’s Nike Zoom Hyperrev and Zoom Crusader PEs

The Nike Zoom Hyperrev is a sneaker that’s quickly gaining traction with the NBA set. While Kyrie Irving was the first to get his hands...

By Brendan Dunne January 14, 2014

Nike Zoom Hyper Rev

Coming soon to the Nike Basketball range is this new lightweight performance shoe, the Nike Zoom Hyper Rev. The pair opts for that fast look...

By Brendan Dunne November 14, 2013