Nike Zoom Revis

Nike Zoom Revis

The Nike Zoom Revis 2 That Never Happened

Even though the Nike Zoom Revis 1 received more buzz in the sneaker world than any other cross-training shoe in recent history, plans for a...

By Zack Schlemmer May 18, 2015

Nike Zoom Revis PEs for Troy Tulowitzki

Who knew that there were this many Nike Zoom Revis pairs in the stash? Despite the Darrelle Revis’ signature line going the way of the...

By Brendan Dunne August 11, 2014

Nike Zoom Revis 2 “Digi-Camo” Sample

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Nike Zoom Revis 2 has been scrapped. The good news is that while Nike has pulled their support from...

By Brendan Dunne July 28, 2014

Nike Zoom Revis PE for Shane Victorino

The Nike Zoom Revis line continues to live on in the form of all sorts of tantalizing player exclusives. This one was created for the...

By Brendan Dunne June 24, 2014

Sneaker News NINE@NINE: Nike Football Signatures

We’re in a new age of Nike/NFL tie-ins now that the sportswear giant has the outfitting rights for the league. The five year contract started...

By Brendan Dunne May 20, 2014

Nike Zoom Revis PE for Carlos “Cargo” Gonzalez

Alright so the Nike Zoom Revis might be all wrapped up as far as retail releases are concerned, but that doesn’t mean that new pairs...

By Brendan Dunne April 7, 2014

Nike Zoom Revis – Jeremy Guthrie PE

As far as we can tell the Nike Zoom Revis won’t be getting anymore retail releases. You’ll remember that there was a brief glimmer of...

By Brendan Dunne March 4, 2014

A Look Back at NFL Pro Bowl PEs by Nike

The Nike and NFL partnership is nearing the conclusion of its second season as we approach the two final headline events in the coming weekends....

By Aaron Hope January 23, 2014

Nike Zoom Revis “Air Jordan 2”

When Darrell Revis associate John Geiger first threw up a photo of this new Nike Zoom Revis it didn’t really look discernibly different from Nike...

By Brendan Dunne November 22, 2013