Reebok Shaq Attaq 4

Reebok Shaq Attaq 4

Reebok Shaq Attaq IV “Wrapping Paper” – Release Date

Reebok turns to the pattern-laden gift wrap for their festive Christmas-themed Shaq Attaq IV. Sure, anytime that a royal blue hue arrives on a Shaq...

By Patrick Johnson December 4, 2014

Reebok Shaq Attaq IV “Brick City” – Available

While Shaquille O’Neal played for nearly half the league during his storied NBA career, unfortunately he never made a proper homecoming in New Jersey with...

By Darren Griffin November 23, 2014

November 2014 Sneaker Releases

November has arrived which means we have a whole batch of enticing sneaker releases for you to catch up on. The eleventh calendar month is...

By Patrick Johnson November 4, 2014

Reebok Shaq Attaq IV – Royal – Grey

Anytime a Shaq signature is outfitted in royal blue, the Orlando Magic references are inevitable, but the vector brand has done a nice job including...

By Patrick Johnson November 3, 2014

Reebok Shaq Attaq 4 “Brick City”

The Reebok Shaq Attaq 4 “Brick City” will release on November 7th, 2014. This isn’t the first time that a Shaq shoe is donning the...

By Patrick Johnson October 15, 2014

Reebok Shaq Attaq IV – White – Red – Blue

The Reebok Shaq Attaq 4 didn’t have the history of more infamous early career Shaq releases like the Shaqnosis, but the vector brand still thought...

By Patrick Johnson October 7, 2014

Reebok Brings Back the Shaq Attaq IV

The Reebok Insta Pump Fury is certainly the most prolific Insta Pump sneaker from Reebok this year, but it’s not the only one. Also on...

By Brendan Dunne July 24, 2014

Reebok Shaq Attaq IV “Orlando” – Arriving at Retailers

When you think of Shaquille O’Neal what team immediately comes to mind? The debate has to be between the Los Angeles Lakers, a team that...

By Patrick Johnson July 23, 2014

Reebok Classic Breakout Camp with Shaq, Shawn Kemp, Jadakiss, and More

The Reebok Classic Breakout Camp for high school athletes kicked off this week at Philadelphia University. In addition to playing in front of the hundreds...

By Brendan Dunne July 12, 2014