Russ Bengston

Russ Bengston

Customizable Sneakers, Collabs, and More on Complex Quickstrike Season 3: Episode 2

Russ Bengtson and DJ Clark Kent are back with the latest episode of Complex Quickstrike. What are they talking about this time? They spend time...

By Brendan Dunne July 11, 2014

Complex’s Quickstrike Returns for Its Third Season

Complex’s Quickstrike sneaker show is back for its third season. Which means that footwear elder-statesmen DJ Clark Kent and Russ Bengtson are back to give...

By Brendan Dunne June 27, 2014

Complex TV – Quickstrike: Season 2 Episode 3 Featuring Swizz Beatz

DJ Clark Kent and Russ Bengtson continue to rein in some pretty interesting guests for their Complex TV series Quickstrike. The latest person to make...

By Brendan Dunne October 18, 2013

Complex TV – Quickstrike: Season 2 Episode 2

Complex TV’s Quickstrike is back again, keeping Season 2 moving with plenty of discussions of interest to sneakerheads and even a special guest in there....

By Brendan Dunne October 4, 2013

Complex TV – Quickstrike: Season 2 Premiere

Your favorite webshow dedicated to sneaker culture its back for its second season. That’s right, DJ Clark Kent and Russ Bengtson are here with the...

By Brendan Dunne September 20, 2013

Quickstrike: DJ Clark Kent and Russ Bengtson Design Bespokes For Each Other

hile you’re waiting for Complex TV’s Quickstrike to return, the duo of Russ Bengtson and DJ Clark Kent have got a little something to tide...

By Brendan Dunne June 28, 2013

Complex TV – Quickstrike: Season One Finale

The season finale for the first installment of Complex TV’s Quickstrike is here. Right before Russ and Clark wave goodbye for a while, they run...

By Brendan Dunne May 31, 2013

Complex TV – Quickstrike: Episode 11

Complex TV’s Quickstrike is winding down for this inaugural season, with a finale in the works for May 31st. So for the time being, make...

By Brendan Dunne May 17, 2013

Complex TV – Quickstrike: Episode 10 – Featuring Spike Lee

Quickstrike continues to kill it with the special guests, this time bringing in a man who was rocking OG Air Jordans while you were still...

By Brendan Dunne May 3, 2013