Yeezy 1050

The Yeezy 1050 is a Boot designed by Kanye West for adidas, and is the follow-up to the Yeezy 950 Boot. It was first revealed through Kanye’s Instagram account in February 2016, and later unveiled at Yeezy Season 3 at Madison Square Garden. Stay tuned for more colorways, release details and price info. 

Yeezy 1050

Kanye West Returns To Boots With The adidas Yeezy 1020 And 1050 v3

Though certainly not as well-received as, say, the 350 v2 or the 700, Kanye West‘s line-up of boot silhouettes definitely had their own following as...

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Kanye West Reveals Early Samples Of The Yeezy 1050 Boot

Kanye West‘s recent return to the Twitter universe after nearly a year-long absence has had fans excited about the potential for breaking news regarding his...

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First Look At The adidas Yeezy 1050 Duckboot

Kanye West just revealed a brand new “duckboot”-style footwear item for YEEZY Season 3 called the Yeezy 1050. This appears to be a more evolved...

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