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Air Jordan II “XX8 Days of Flight”

April 17th, 2013 by / 11

We recently did a nice round-up of all the Air Jordan #XX8DaysofFlight Collection, and without surprise, one of the pairs already hit eBay. Considering the limited nature of these bad boys, we can sympathize with the winners because the decision to keep or sell is a rather tough one, but we can bet with confidence that more pairs will eventually go up for sale. Until that does, we have a nice detailed look at the Air Jordan II of the buzzing Black/Electric Green collection, and you’ll instantly notice that high-quality leather uppers that have been missing with the releases that have hit stores. Enjoy this exclusive gallery below and let us know if you think any of these #XX8DaysofFlight Retros are worth the high price that will be demanded. Many thanks to ImageNY.

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the black/green 15s are the best ones

Kobe Santoni
Kobe Santoni

Best Jordans ever made, period. I would pay $400 retail for this in a quality Italian calfskin.


Dope! I would love a Retro 2 release for the summer/fall


Thanks for posting pics. Imagine if the sneaker community revolted against the crap retro buying. Prices are higher than ever and quality worse than ever. Why do you guys keep being loyal to the brand that continuously screws you?!


Lucky winners my ass, looks like someone with a massive collection already, and it ain't no damn shoe store, cause i see Bred and Cherry 13's to the right, hell its every # in Jays in almost every flavor available.....show do look like Chris Pauls closet?


such a slap in the face to see great quality on these


Someone people just don't understand what's laid out in front of them. But I do agree with you.


@iamromierome It's just damn frustrating to know what could be if the target market would just realize and refuse the overpriced and junky crap we get. Maybe the buyers are ignorant (means unknowing) to what we get now vs years ago. I mean, I understand JB is a business and will look for ways to maximize profit. I get that. But if people would wise up a bit and boycott junk retros, it would force JB to either make good quality products again and/or raise prices. I stopped buying retros because of the drastic decline I've seen over the years. Honestly, I was really excited for the Playoff 12s, but when I got them, they were plastic-like. Not real leather. Plastic eyelets. Less padding. Sold that shoe off quick. ... Funny I was hoopin and some dude was wearing retros. Some guy straight came over and said, "you're not supposed to play in retros." yeah. Not play basketball in 'basketball' shoes. What a joke!


@NuttyKicks @MrNolimit23 these shoes belong to my boy Mark who was one of the lucky winners he's friends with the people over at IMAGE and allowed them to take pics for all the blogsites and sneaker magazines that were interested and hes not selling these either hes ROCKING them . . . 

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