Nike .SWOOSH Is Dropping Just One Pair Of White Our Force 1s

Nike .SWOOSH Is Dropping Just One Pair Of White Our Force 1s

Street-valid and readily available 24/7/365, the white-on-white Air Force 1 has transcended style movements since debuting in 1995. From Fat Joe licking the soles on MTV Cribs twenty years ago, or sorority girls wearing dusted pairs during rush, the all-white colorway has redefined what it means to be timeless in an era where there trends are battling shorter and shorter windows. Simply put, white Air Force 1s are forever goated.

That’s why Nike’s decision to release just one pair as part .SWOOSH’s Our Force 1 project is…poetic. Given just how common the shoe is (all sizes available now at Nike, btw), we’d expect it to be the easiest pull among the 106,453 virtual pairs that will be made available. Nike has confirmed with Sneaker News that only one lucky .SWOOSH member will be able to obtain this all-time classic, theoretically making it one of the most sought-after pairs of the Our Force 1 collection on an exclusivity standpoint.

Since its inception in November 2022, Nike .SWOOSH has slowly peeled the layers of their Web3 platform, amassing a whopping 330,000 users in the process. The Our Force 1 launch marks the first collection launch for the platform, essentially giving users the opportunity to create a digital sneaker collection beginning with the most iconic silhouette in brand history. The twist is that you’ll have no idea what you’re getting; the boxes are completely blind, mimicking the experience of opening a pack of basketball cards.

Each of the 106,453 units are broken into two categories – the Classic Remix box and the New Wave box. All are unique that range from digital renditions of classic AF1s to never seen before, expressive AF1’s. You could pull one of the “Year Of The Dog” versions, a newer creation, or the super-rare 1-of-1 white Air Force 1. Classic Remix boxes hold pairs from 1982-2006, whereas New Wave boxes hold pairs from 2007 to present day. Scattered across both boxes are co-created AF1s from the four .SWOOSH “Your Force 1” winners.

On April 18th, .SWOOSH will Airdrop 106,453 free virtual posters to .SWOOSH members at random. Those who participated in the #OurForce1 challenge and/or registered at a .SWOOSH Session tour stops — as well as Nike DEI and SC+I partners — will be included in this Airdrop. Those in possession of posters will get a first chance to purchase an Our Force 1 box; each is priced at $19.82, a nod to the AF1’s founding year. In order to be eligible you’ll need to be fully onboarded and have minted your .SWOOSH ID by April 12th and received the poster. The official release of the Our Force 1 boxes is scheduled for May 8th for those who received posters; general access for those who did not receive posters is scheduled for May 10th and handed out randomlydot.

The benefits of owning an Our Force 1, or its utility, is quite rich; owners can unlock access to physical and virtual releases as well as brand experiences, and the virtual shoes can also be worn in partnering video games. More on Our Force 1 utility will be revealed later this summer.

Our Force 1 can also open doors to future collections for other classic models with a rich history as the Air Force 1. Our Max 1, Our Jordan 1 – the possibilities are really endless as collector culture is ready to be embraced by Web3.

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