Alife Makes A Return To Footwear With The Everybody Hi “NY!”

Returning to their own line of footwear after a lengthy hiatus, Alife is reintroducing their staple Everybody Hi silhouette though now dressed up with New...

By Michael Le October 23, 2019

ALIFE Has A Bunch Of Puma Collaborations Releasing Soon

ALIFE and PUMA are back at it again with another sneaker collab for 2016. The streetwear and athletic footwear brands welcome the new year with...

By Zack Schlemmer December 28, 2015

Sneaker News Blogs: Best of WDYWT – 3/27 – 4/2

A Best of WDYWT for the older sneakerheads? This week’s twenty best selection consists of a large group of ¬†sneakers from the earlier era of...

By John Kim April 2, 2012

ALIFE Everybody ‘Basic Collection’

It’s Dunk-like design plays a significant role in pretty much every major pack ALIFE releases, but here’s an instance where the Everybody is everything for...

By Aaron Hope November 13, 2011

ALIFE Fall 2011 Footwear Collection

When it comes to independent labels doing their thing in the footwear game, few names carry the weight of ALIFE. Longtime curators of the sneaker...

By Brendan Dunne October 20, 2011

ALIFE Rivington Club x Warrior Footwear

Like several other long lost brands of yore, Warrior Footwear was resurrected in recent years, a rebirth long overdue with brands like Feiyue having copied...

By Aaron Hope August 12, 2011

ALIFE Summer 2011 Footwear Collection

One of the most influential streetwear brands over the last decade is none of than ALIFE of New York City, and for the Summer 2011,...

By John Kim June 11, 2011

ALIFE Summer 2011 Footwear Collection

New York boutique ALIFE is back with its in-house offerings for a summer 2011 collection of lifestyle sneakers that are as calm as any set...

By Aaron Hope May 14, 2011

ALIFE Chuck Native – Spring 2011 Colorways

ALIFE built their footwear collection by reinterpreting classic sneaker and casual shoe designs over the years, this latest a playful spin on both.  The ALIFE...

By Aaron Hope April 12, 2011