Air Jordan 39

The Air Jordan 39 is the newest basketball shoe in Michael Jordan’s personal line of footwear. A release date is currently confirmed for July 23rd for the “Sol” colorway with an MSRP of $200.

The Air Jordan 39 was designed by Joel Greenspan. The silhouette features premium leather materials and a refined aesthetic — a direction provided by Michael Jordan himself. All of the revealed pairs feature premium leather or suede with a high-end textile fabric that features a unique pattern inspired by the actual wear patterns of the shoe.

See below for all you need to know about the Air Jordan 39.

Air Jordan 39

Everything You Need To Know About The Air Jordan 39

Michael Jordan just turned 61 years old in February, and his Air Jordan signature shoe line is about to turn 39. As MJ has aged...

By John Kim April 20, 2024