Air Jordan V ‘Fire Red’

Air Jordan V ‘Fire Red’

Jordan Brand Flight 23 NYC Restocks “Fire Red” Air Jordans

It didn’t take long for Jordan Brand’s new flagship Flight 23 NYC store to make waves. First it was the surprising restocks of some classic...

By Patrick Johnson February 17, 2014

Air Jordan V “Fire Red” – Release Reminder

The Air Jordan V “Fire Red” will release tomorrow, August 31st. The shoes feature a decent amount more of that titular color than the similarly...

By Brendan Dunne August 30, 2013

Air Jordan V “Fire Red” – Official Image

Yet another “Fire Red” pair of Jordans will release this weekend in the form of this, the Air Jordan V. Keep in mind that an...

By Brendan Dunne August 29, 2013

Air Jordan V “Fire Red” – Arriving at Retailers

Jordan Brand’s red hot summer continues after the release of the Air Jordan III “Fire Red” with this coming weekend’s Air Jordan V “Fire Red”....

By John Kim August 27, 2013

Air Jordan V “Fire Red”: The Original Raging Bulls

Air Jordans have been utilizing white/red/black color schemes since their introduction in 1985, but along the way, few colorways ever complemented a Bulls uniform quite like the "Fire Red" Air Jordan V.

By Aaron Kr. August 22, 2013

“Fire Red” Air Jordan 5

It’s going to be a very fire red summer. The Air Jordan IV kicked things off with that “Toro” look utilizing said shade, but it’s...

By Brendan Dunne July 19, 2013

Air Jordan V “Fire Red” – Available Early on eBay

Don’t forget that the Air Jordan V isn’t done rolling out OG looks for 2013 just yet. Still to come is the Air Jordan V...

By Brendan Dunne July 15, 2013

Air Jordan V GS “Fire Red”

The Air Jordan V “Fire Red” was announced as a sneaker releasing in a full family size run, but we hadn’t gotten a glimpse of...

By Patrick Johnson July 11, 2013

Air Jordan V Retro “Fire Red” – 2006 vs. 2013 Comparison

Every time that a pair of retro Jordans comes around, people inevitably want to play the comparison game. Alright, have it-we’ve got photos lined up...

By Brendan Dunne June 1, 2013