Diadora N.9000

Diadora N.9000

Hanon Adds Another Chapter To Its Diadora N.9000 Saga With The “Alternative Route”

A year-long story arc to keep an eye on, if you’re a fan of retro runners, is the 30th Anniversary of the Diadora N.9000. At...

By Sneaker News January 23, 2021

Packer Celebrates The 25th Anniversary Of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx With The Diadora N.9000

Few can forget Raekwon’s contributions to hip-hop history. Not just for his own music, but for inspiring a legion of NY-based rappers to explore their...

By Sneaker News December 22, 2020

Raekwon Teases Another “Purple Tape” Collaboration With Packer And Diadora

A quarter century after its debut, the “Only Built For Cuban Linx” saga has been confirmed for a third go-around as Raekwon officially announced his...

By Sneaker News August 4, 2020

Packer And Diadora Celebrate Italian Craftsmanship With The N.9002 “Molveno”

Long-time collaborators Packer and Diadora, a partnership immortalized as contributors to one of our 100 best shoes of the decade, are planning to close out...

By Jovani Hernandez December 18, 2019

afew Presents A “Highly Addictive” Version Of The Diadora N.9000

It’s been two and a half years since EU retailer afew re-worked the Diadora V.7000 into a special “Highly Addictive” makeup, and now the two...

By Ross Dwyer August 23, 2019

Highsnobiety And Diadora Collaboration On New York-Inspired N.9000

As part of the brand’s 70th Anniversary, Diadora has collaborated with men’s lifestyle/fashion culture source Highsnobiety for an inspired collaboration that touches on the blog’s...

By Sneaker News October 23, 2018

Barcelona’s LimitEDitions Has Another Diadora Collaboration In The Works

In 2015 Diadora teamed up with Spanish sneaker shop LimitEDitions for a special edition of the N.9000 inspired by Spain’s tradition of castells, which are...

By Zack Schlemmer September 19, 2017

BAIT Brings The Transformers To Four Diadora Runners

The standards for shoe collaborations continue to elevate as those who work directly with the brand are continuously tasked to redefine what these cooperative releases...

By Sneaker News September 5, 2017

Philly’s UBIQ Is Dropping A Diadora Collab Inspired By Pat’s Cheesesteaks

Philadelphia’s own UBIQ is paying homage to the City of Brotherly Love’s affection for cheesesteaks with its latest collaborative effort, as the Diadora N.9000 returns...

By John Kim January 23, 2017