Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard is a forward for the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers and the foremost endorser for New Balance’s revitalized basketball line. He is currently on his fourth signature sneaker with the Boston brand, the New Balance Kawhi IV. Read the articles below to learn more about Leonard and his footwear.

Kawhi Leonard

Here’s What Team USA Is Wearing For The 2024 Olympics

With the Paris Olympics kicking off in just a matter of weeks, all eyes are on USA Basketball once again. As usual, the expectation is...

By Matt Varga July 8, 2024

The New Balance Kawhi III Returns With A “Sacred Geometry” Colorway

With the recent addition of James Harden, Kawhi Leonard is now the latest member of a Big Three within the NBA alongside Paul George on...

By Jared Ebanks November 7, 2023

Kawhi Leonard And New Balance Debut The NB Kawhi III “Alpha Predator”

Averaging just under 30 points per game over his last 10 contests Kawhi Leonard continues to reign supreme as one of the League’s elite two-way...

By Jared Ebanks February 3, 2023

Official Images Of The New Balance KAWHI 2 “New Money”

Yet to play a single game in the 2021-22 NBA season, Kawhi Leonard has kept relevant with the help of his struggling Los Angeles Clippers...

By Jovani Hernandez March 4, 2022

“Energy Red” Energizes The New Balance KAWHI

From his humble roots in Moreno Valley to his love for Jolly Ranchers, Kawhi Leonard has been channeling much of his personal tastes and experiences...

By Jasmine Tang August 4, 2021

New Balance KAWHI “Moreno Valley” Inspired By Clippers Star’s Hometown

Come June 1st, the New Balance KAWHI will make its most personal appearance yet, honoring Kawhi Leonard‘s home town of Moreno Valley. In every facet,...

By Michael Le May 24, 2021

The New Balance KAWHI Returns In A Bright “Velocity Red”

Kawhi Leonard’s signature New Balance KAWHI returns this season with one of its most vibrant colorways yet: the pattern-dressed “Velocity Red.” Likely to hit the...

By Michael Le May 7, 2021

Kawhi Leonard Debuts The New Balance KAWHI “Neo Flame” For The All-Star Game

Thanks to the overlap between sports and sneakers, those who keep up with the NBA All-Star Game are prone to also keeping an eye on...

By Jasmine Tang March 7, 2021

Kawhi Leonard’s New Balance KAWHI Dips Below Zero Ahead Of Christmas

As Kawhi Leonard prepares to redeem himself throughout the 2020-21 NBA season, he and his New Balance family have prepped a cool iteration of the...

By Jovani Hernandez December 2, 2020