Air Jordan Golden Moments Pack

Air Jordan Golden Moments Pack

Sneaker News Top 30 of 2012

For better or worse, 2012 was a defining year for the sneaker world and all that it encompasses. It was a year that saw certain...

By Sneaker News December 28, 2012

Air Jordan Golden Moment Pack – Release Reminder

Twenty years ago, Michael Jordan left a permanent thumb-print in basketball history when he, along with his ’92 Dream Team running mates, dominated the world...

By John Kim August 17, 2012

Air Jordan “Golden Moments Pack” – Foot Locker Release Info

2012 has seen a good number of shifts in the way big releases are handled, most notably from Nike themselves at the advent of the...

By Brendan Dunne August 15, 2012

Air Jordan Golden Moments Pack – Arriving At Retailers

What is it about the Air Jordan VI and Air Jordan VII that makes it such a ‘Pack’-worthy shoe? Both models are among the most...

By John Kim August 10, 2012

Air Jordan “Golden Moments” Pack – Official Images

When viewed from a certain perspective, there’s not a single player on the current Team USA roster more instrumental to that roster’s collective successes than...

By Aaron Hope August 7, 2012

Air Jordan Golden Moment Pack – Release Date

After Team USA destroyed Tunisia by a record-setting margin, it’s almost become a sure bet that the Americans are destined for Gold – despite the...

By John Kim August 3, 2012

Air Jordan Golden Moment Pack – Available Early on eBay

After viewing our recap of the Nike World Basketball Festival and seeing Team USA come out victorious on Monday night, the Olympic high is continuing...

By John Kim July 19, 2012

Air Jordan “Golden Moment” Packaging

Just last night, provided you a first peek at the official box packaging for the much-anticipated ‘Golden Moment’ release. We now have a...

By John Kim July 6, 2012

Air Jordan “Golden Moments” Pack – Packaging Sneak Peek

Jordan Brand dropped jaws when it unveiled the first ever two-pair Defining Moments Package in January of 2006. The large rectangular mass featured a slide-out...

By John Kim July 6, 2012